Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Derek Sivers makes you think.


21 Things That Make Sense To Writers.

Lawyers guns and money.

There are only so many notes to play with.

I can't even begin to sound like anybody famous; even if I really try.


This was interesting.

Try it with a few songs.


Linda Pastan

Because of the menace
your father opened
like a black umbrella
and held high
over your childhood
blocking the light,
your life now seems

to you exceptional
in its simplicities.
You speak of this,
throwing the window open
on a plain spring day,
after such a winter.


Monday, April 18, 2016

I have heard that all aspiring newspaper writers start in this department.

This sounds oddly interesting.

A full length movie about the New York Times obituary writers.



Ginger's poem puts me in the front seat. I can smell the grease.

Roller Coaster 
Ginger Murchison 

It starts with the climbing in,
nerved-up enough
for that defiance
of gravity, the slow-grind
rackety-clack one-inch cog
at a time—the mystery of machinery,
the sane and safe weightedness
of stiff-starched values,
wondering if there were
sins we’d committed
since our last confession, then
at the top, out on the edge,
beyond the solid-ground world
parents live in, test life,
theirs and our own, up where
we are a hole in the sky,
wholly abandoned in the eyes-
shut, heart-stopped drop,
like lawlessness on falling’s
crisp speed, the first curve, a blur,
the world’s suddenness,
metal, air and a prayer
half-mouthed, spun,
flung into another plunge,
a curve swerving,
a tiny boat in a tempest—
and isn’t this how we want
to live, live higher up,
hungry to leave the ground,
flinging sparks, the lights brighter,
the dark darker, bodies at war
with mere air, but still obedient
to the tracks laid down
to keep us on track.


I am not a video gamer at all.

But this is cool.

How many do you recognise?


Good ideas. 

Stuff we know but forget.


RIP Mr. Merle Haggard.

I agree 100% with this top ten list.

I grew up on country music. Worked as a gas jockey for Standard Oil, managed a Midas Muffler, welded for Norfork & Western Railroad. Merle's songs filled my ears day and night. 

I am already dreading the network tribute show; modern country's pretty boys singing the Hag's classics in skinny jeans with ball caps on backwards and arms colored with strip mall tattoos. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bob Dylan said New Orleans was one long poem........



The wisdom of Paul Simon.


Tom Waits gives us his top twenty all time album list.

Opened my ears to many new playgrounds.



Tulips has risen from their earthly graves
Red yellow orange rainbow parade...........

Kristen Case

Against all probability our bulbs have blossomed,
opened their white rooms, given their assent.
I pull myself from your breathing to take a closer look.
It happened overnight.

Outside a flock of birds folds and unfolds its single body.
I start the coffee. Light comes
from impossible directions.

You are still asleep.
I cup the curve of your skull with my hand.
Alive, sleeping.
Light rises on the flame-colored bricks.


Kevin "Blackie" Farrell 1st album is killer.

Kudos to Bill Kirchen and Gurf Morlix who made it a true Blackie album.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

This is cool. Philip Larkin, the poet, reads his poem The Trees.



Laurel Canyon Daze.






This week's cold snap brought this to mind. April snow showers.

Boy at the Window
Richard Wilbur

Seeing the snowman standing all alone
In dusk and cold is more than he can bear.
The small boy weeps to hear the wind prepare
A night of gnashings and enormous moan.
His tearful sight can hardly reach to where
The pale-faced figure with bitumen eyes
Returns him such a god-forsaken stare
As outcast Adam gave to Paradise.

The man of snow is, nonetheless, content,
Having no wish to go inside and die.
Still, he is moved to see the youngster cry.
Though frozen water is his element,
He melts enough to drop from one soft eye
A trickle of the purest rain, a tear
For the child at the bright pane surrounded by
Such warmth, such light, such love, and so much fear.


52 Club song prompt was scrub.

Please Love Me Again
Walt Sample

Help me scrub my tarnished soul
Help me climb out of my hell hole
Forgive my sin
Please love me again

Help me soothe my guilty pain
Help me nurse my fiery shame
Forgive my sin
Please love me again

Let me heal your broken heart
Let me be your moon and stars
Forgive my sin
Let me love you again

Let me kiss away your tears
Let me calm all your fears
Forgive my sin
Let me love you again

Forgive my sin
Let me love you again

Forgive my sin
Let me love you again

Please love me again

Please love me again

Advice from Philip Roth.

  Let me tell you about the nap. It’s absolutely fantastic. When I was a kid, my father was always trying to tell me how to be a man. And he said - I was maybe nine - he said, Philip, whenever you take a nap, take your clothes off and put a blanket over you and you’re going to sleep better. Well, as with everything, he was right. And so I now do that and I come back from the swimming pool I go to and I have my lunch and I read the paper and I take this glorious thing called a nap. And then the best part of it is that when you wake up, for the first 15 seconds you have no idea where you are. You’re just alive. That’s all you know and it’s bliss. It’s absolute bliss.